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Vehicle Registration

Schwartz Reliance Insurance offers the best motor vehicle registration services online. Contact our professionals to get the finest vehicle registration solutions in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Alberta Driver Exam

Simple easy way to book your driver exam

Auto Renewal

Sign up, complete your profile and have peace of mind that your vehicle registration will be automatically renewed.

E-Reminder Service

You can sign up for email or text message reminders 6 weeks before you drivers license, vehicle registration or corporate registry is due. You must have signed up for this service to do the Express Renew.

Express Renewals

Less than 15 days until expiry of registration. We renew it here in the office and you must attend the office to pick it up but there is no waiting as you have already paid for it. You must be signed into E-reminder services t do this service.

Online Renewals

"In a hurry to renew your vehicle registration? Save time and renew online, start by clicking here"

Online Searches

Lien Search - Find out if a vehicle you are looking at buying has a lien and who it is with before you buy it. Corp Search - Easy way to obtain names and address of a corporations directors & shareholders and where to send legal documents

Vehicle Information Report

Find out what it’s status is in Alberta, where is was last registered and if is has a lien on it but not with who

Driver’s Licence Renewals

Renew your driver's licence online. You will receive your new driver's licence card in the mail in approximately 10-14 days.

Identification (ID) Card Renewals

Renew your ID card online. You will receive your new ID card in the mail in approximately 10-14 days.

Registry Services

The following services are available at our 300 10th Street S Location.

Legal Ease Kits

Get start on all your legal essentials for your business.

Personal Directives And Enduring Powers Of Attorney

Premier kit for arranging your health and financial affairs


The Essential Guide To

Shareholder Agreements


The Successful Entrepreneur’s Guide To

Starting And Operating Your Business

Legal information every business owner should know!

The Complete Do - It - Yourself Kit On

Incorporating And Organizing An Alberta Corporation

Basic Edition

Corporate Record Keeping

Shareholder Agreements

The authoritative kit on maintaining your minute book

Professional Legal

Wills Kit


Registry Agent FAQs - Online Services

About the services:

What types of payment do eServices accept? accepts payments by MasterCard, American Express, Visa Debit, or Interac Online.

What information does a client need when accessing online services?

To purchase these online registry products, a client must have a verified MADI account and provide:

      •  For a Driver’s Abstract – DL number or MVID
      • For an In-Transit Permit – DL number or MVID and the Vehicle Information (VIN, Make, Model, Year) and valid insurance ( insuance not required for trailers as long as they are not carrying a load)
      • For a Duplicate Registration Certificate – DL number or MVID and License Plate Number or registration number
      • For an Online Registration Renewal – DL number or MVID, License Plate Number, and Registration Number
      • For a Specialty Plate Order – DL number or MVID

To purchase a Vehicle Information Report, a client must have a MADI account and provide the VIN.

Clients can get their Driver’s Abstract online at

What are the reasons that a client may not be able to process their services online?

An online service may fail if:

      • The client does not have a Digital ID Sign-On
      • The information entered in their MADI account does not match with the Motor Vehicle System
      • The client file is restricted due to outstanding fines, motor vehicle debt, or maintenance enforcement (does not apply to driver’s abstracts or VIRs)
      • The client’s address has changed or mail has been returned
      • Your vehicle is registered as a fleet or company vehicle
      • Your vehicle is registered in more than one name
      • Your registration has been expired for more than 12 months
      • Your insurance is expired

Once your purchase has been completed, you can dowload your vehicle registration certificate from My Digital Downloads on the My Account section.

Attention: Initial digital download of this product/service is only available between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm. If you are processing this request outside of these hours, your initial digital download will be available tomorrow at 6:00 am. – My Alberta Eservices Home Page – My digital ID sign up